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Variegated Elephant Food

Variegated Elephant Food

Portulacaria afra variegata

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  • Suitable for trimming as bonsai or topiary
  • Water Wise - Ultra drought tolerant
  • Suitable for many landscape design styles
  • Slow Growing Succulent Shrub
Variegated Elephant Food
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Variegated Elephant Food

Protulcacaria afra variegata

Variegated Elephant Food is a very unique succulent shrub that has many landscape uses. It can be planted in rock gardens, borders, hillsides patio gardens as well as pots both indoor and outdoor. This succulent grows well in most soil conditions and handles a wide arrange of soil pH and densities including clay soils. Elephant Food can also handle different levels of sun exposure, from full all day westerly sun to partial shade, this succulent will be easily established.

Portulcacaria afra variegata can grow upwards as well as spread which makes this an attractive shrub to trim and shape in a topiary fashion or allowed to grow freely to give a more classic look. The lime green leaves are contrasted brilliantly with a creamy white outside sitting on dark reddish brown stems, this makes for a very nice focal point plant as well as an accent plant. Elephant Food is like most succulents and does not need to be watered to frequently and once established becomes very water-wise as well as fire-wise.

Like other plants, these succulent shrubs do need to be feed and we recommend monthly applications of Moon Dust and Moon Juice to keep your variegated Elephant Food looking and growing it's best. When watering these plants be sure not to overdo it, too frequently and the plants can rot. In the ground, these should be watered to about 12"" all around the root ball, when in pots water just enough to saturate the soil and allow to dry completely before watering again. Stop into your nearest Moon Valley Nurseries today and speak with one of our certified nursery pros and allow us to help you start designing the landscape of your dreams. Selection varies seasonally, please be sure to call for current availability.

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