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Variegated Flax Lily

Variegated Flax Lily

Dianella Tasmanica

  • Easy to maintain
  • Striking color all year-round
  • Partial or full sun exposure
  • Does best with a regular watering schedule
Variegated Flax Lily
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The Variegated Flax Lily is an evergreen plant that is easy to maintain and has striking color all year-round. The leaves on the Flax Lily are shaped like sword blades with white coloring along the edges. The white on the leaves create a unique contrast against surrounding darker landscapes. It looks fantastic planted as a single plant or in a mass planting.

Be sure to check out the small blue flowers that it produces in the summer that are followed by small berries (Unfortunately, they are not edible!).

The Dianella Tasmanica has a moderate growth rate reaching up to three feet tall and one-two feet wide. It does best with partial or full sun exposure with some protection throughout the day.

Flax Lily plants can tolerate drought-like conditions, but it does best with a regular watering schedule. It is beneficial to prune old flower stems to keep the nutrients focused on the plant growth.

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