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Weber's Century Plant

Weber's Century Plant

Agave weberii

  • Murphy's Agave is a slow growing Agave with blue-green to yellow leaves that form an upright rosette. Native to Arizona and Mexico, this Agave loves the sun.
Weber's Century Plant

The Agave weberii, commonly called Weber's Century Plant, boasts a heavy 'pup' cluster that appears to jet straight out from the parent, or base, of the plant. Weber's Century Plant grows long, flexible green leaves that reach up to 3 feet in length. Native to Texas and northern Mexico, Weber's Century Plant is naturally highly tolerant to heat and is naturally suited to prosper in Arizona's climate. Weber's Century Plant is ideal to plant for desert landscapes requiring a larger area of coverage where smaller cacti won't do the trick. The unique weeping effect of Weber's Century Plant's leaves multiplied when planted in rows or clusters.

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