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Whirling Butterflies

Whirling Butterflies

Guara lindheimeri 'Siskiyou'

  • Heat loving perennial
  • Beautiful floating pink flowers
  • Drought and cold tolerant
  • Used in desert landscapes as accent, in rock gardens, and transitional areas in tropical settings
Whirling Butterflies

Fluffy waves of deep pink flowers flutter above the red-tinged foliage of the Guara lindheimeri'Siskiyou', commonly referred to as Whirling Butterflies. One of the most beautiful and versatile plants are perfect for mixed perennial borders, containers and makes a good cut flower in the garden. Their versatility is on display during the warm summer months as they tolerate drought, heat, and humidity extremely well. During warm months removing spent flower stems will encourage faster rebloom. Prune hard in early spring to keep Guara nice and full.

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