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Yucca Pendula

Yucca Pendula

Yucca pendula

  • Grows an array of long blue-green leaves with a lighter structure allowing them to weep, giving it a graceful appearance welcome in almost any landscape.
Yucca Pendula

Yucca Pendula grows an array of long blue-green 'weeping' leaves whose shape resembles giant blades of grass, reaching out to about 4 to 5 feet high. Yucca Pendula, while a desert native, is well suited in tropical or Mediterranean landscape styles - anywhere a large splash of greenery is needed. White blooms cluster on the stems during late spring for an added splash of color. Yucca Pendula prefers to be placed in light sun or partially shaded environments where it doesn't have full time sun exposure. While the water requirements are low, Yucca Pendulas look their best with periodic watering, especially during the summer.

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