Arctic Star Nectarine

Arctic Star Nectarine

Prunus persica var. nucipersica 'Artic Star’

  • Reliable Fruit Production
  • Medium to Large, Super Juicy Fruit
  • Snow white flesh / semi-freestone with rich flavor
  • Vivid red skin color
  • Small deciduous tree ideal for smaller-sized yards
  • Low-chill cultivar
  • Self-fruitful
Arctic Star Nectarine

Named for it’s snow white flesh, the Artic Star nectarine is the earliest ripening of white nectarines.  The top reason for growing your own nectarines is that they taste much better than any store bought, and you know exactly where they come from. Look for fruit to ripen in the early summer months. These are a low-chill cultivar and are self-fruitful, so they can be planted alone in your landscape. Best of all, these are proven reliable producers, so you'll have a plentiful harvest of these tasty nectarines just as summer starts!

Artic Star Nectarine trees flourish in full sun and once established will require only moderate watering. These are attractive small to medium size trees with rich green foliage and red-skinned fruit that add a nice splash of color into any landscape. Adding to their ornamental features are beautiful pink blossoms that arrive in spring. They're an ideal size for most yards and we also like to use them as espalier against a wall or fence.

Grow your own fruit orchard and you'll be rewarded with the best-tasting fruits. Moon Valley Nurseries carries premium-quality fruit trees such as the Artic Star Nectarine and we have them available at fruit-producing age.

Any of our nursery professionals will be glad to pick out the perfect trees for the ideal location in your yard. Come visit any of our Moon Valley Nurseries and our professional planting and delivery service will get any sized order planted and treated with our specialized Supercharged Moon Juice and Moon Dust fertilizer to get your plants growing just right!

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