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Codiaeum variegatum

  • Houseplant in bright rooms
  • Lower maintenance & easy to grow!


Codiaeum variegatum

  • Can be used as both houseplants and landscape plants
  • Easy care plant
  • Bright, multi-colored leaves
  • An excellent choice for planting along fences and walls

Croton are bold and beautiful tropical plants that look amazing when planted in groups in any landscape. These are excellent plants for adding color any time of the year and in Houston, you know that fall is fast approaching once you notice their stunning foliage next to pumpkins. These popular plants have rounded variegated leaves with colors ranging from green to red, to orange, pink and yellow. We like to plant them as accent plants or in foundation plantings, and when we plant a few of them close together and let them grow to their full height, they create a magnificent hedge! If you want to add some bright color, plant them in any spot and enjoy the view. Croton also make fine houseplants or office plants!

Croton can grow to be large shrubs, especially when they are planted in a spot outdoors with plenty of full sunshine. The more light they receive, the brighter the colors. They are very heat tolerant and love to grow in our area. These are easy to care for plants and once established will have low to moderate watering needs. For the best display, we recommend feeding them regularly with fertilizer. We've teamed up with the top fertilizer-producing nursery to design ideal fertilizers, supplements, liquids, and pellets ideal for treating Houston's dense soil with the nutrients and vitamins essential for growing a beautiful landscape.

Codiaeum variegatum are native to the tropical Pacific regions and Asia. It's all about the foliage and these shrubs deliver the goods. They blend well with Hibiscus and Lantana plants, too, so come visit any of our huge nurseries and we'll be glad to help you select the perfect plants, trees and more for the perfect spot in your yard!

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