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Hong Kong Orchid

Hong Kong Orchid

Bauhinia blakeana

BAR CODE#: 0003774882619
  • Large tree that provides a wide umbrella of shade
  • Drop-dead gorgeous, abundant blooms
  • Vibrant purple and white flowers with fragrant aroma
  • Vigorously spreading canopy gives you big color quickly
Hong Kong Orchid

Hong Kong Orchid

Bauhinia blakeana

The Hong Kong Orchid, Bauhinia blakeana is a beautiful tree that is not only gorgeous in bloom but when it is done blooming its branching structure is like no other. Like its name states, Bauhinia blakeana originates from Hong Kong as far back as 1880 and was regularly cultivated in gardens as early as 1914. Hong Kong Orchids trees create a rounded and umbrella-shaped canopy composed of extremely large butterfly-shaped, vibrant green leaves contrasted on light grey to nearly white branches that arch and spread outwards to create an elegant display. Hong Kong Orchid trees are a medium to large shade tree that fits well in nearly all landscapes and grows extremely well from coastal Southern California to the arid regions of the Southwest.

Prized not only for their beautiful foliage but for their abundant blooms in early spring fall and early winter. These large six-inch blossoms appearing in multiple shades of purple, pink and rose throughout the bloom cycle add explosions of color any landscape. The greatest thing about these blooms is that they are sterile which makes them great for people with allergies as well as they do not turn to seed pods like other blooms, leaving less mess to be picked up. The outward spreading branches will begin to droop as the tree grows and is weighed down by abundant blooms. Bauhinia blakeana can be found as a single trunk tree specimen or as multiple-trunked trees. Hong Kong Orchid trees work in nearly all landscapes and once established are considered a water-wise choice.

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