Moon Valley Nurseries Desert Willow
Desert Willow
Desert Willow
Desert willow
Desert willow
Desert willow
Desert willow

Desert Willow

Chilopsis linearis

  • Moon Valley Nurseries exclusive seedless hybrid
  • Burgundy trumpet-shaped flowers with a sweet fragrance bring gorgeous color to any yard!
  • Drought and cold tolerant
  • Airy foliage casts a delicate, but cooling shade
Full Sun
Hardiness Zones:
7 - 11
Bloom Colors:
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Our Hybrid Desert Willow is a small to medium-sized flowering tree that blends well with any landscape style. These Southwest natives feature long and narrow willow-like leaves, hence their name. Our Hybrid Desert Willows are quickly becoming a favorite accent tree for their fragrant, burgundy trumpet-shaped blossoms that decorate this tree from spring to fall. The flowers create a beautiful contrast with the airy green foliage! Hummingbirds and butterflies love our Desert Willows, especially in the summer, and if you're looking for a beautiful accent tree that thrives in hot, arid climates, you'll love these trees too!

This fast-growing tree thrives in a location that gets plenty of full sun exposure. Once established, Desert Willows are drought tolerant with little to moderate water requirements to keep them blooming and looking great throughout the warm months. Homeowners love our Desert Willows because our Hybrids are completely seedless, making this an easy to care for tree that will add interest to your yard and generate tons of curb appeal!


Moon Valley Nurseries grows the highest quality Desert Willow trees, and we nurture them so that they will thrive in your landscape! We are the growers so we can assure their excellent quality! We make it easy to revamp your yard with free planting on all our box trees! All you have to do is handpick your favorite trees and we do the rest! You buy it, we plant it!™

Every time a plant is watered, the soil should be thoroughly saturated to a depth of at least 2 to 3 feet and at least as wide as a tree well. Very slow and deep watering is always recommended. During periods of extreme heat, we advise at least 1 additional time per week of watering for all varieties. For periods of heavy rain (1/2” or more) adjust accordingly by possibly skipping a watering session for that time.



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