Mexican Fan Palm

Mexican Fan Palm

Washingtonia robusta

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  • Wide variety of landscape applications
  • Very durable palm. Cold hardy and loves full sun!
  • Long time favorite for ease of growth
  • Classic resort style palm tree
  • 140,000 PALMS IN STOCK NOW
Mexican Fan Palm
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Mexican Fan Palm

Washingtonia robusta

The Mexican Fan Palm can grow to be a tall palm tree that is sure to bring a tropical, resort-style look and feel to any landscape in the Southwest. From Mexico, this classic looking palm tree thrives in full sun and requires low water once established. It's a drought-tolerant palm tree noted for its slender, slightly curved trunk. In fact, some choose to have the trunks skinned for a unique 'cigar cut' effect that can create a reddish, more formal appearance. Feel free to speak with a Moon Valley Nursery pro if you desire this 'cigar cut' look, we have thousands already cut this way!

Another one of its notable characteristics is its crown of large, fan-shaped, bright green fronds with shorter leafstalks. These leafstalks feature a red streak on the undersides that add to its attraction. A Mexican Fan Palm is ideal for use on larger properties and is often seen used as street trees and for adding vertical effects in large gardens. It's a fast growing, cold hardy palm with high salt tolerance, making it an excellent choice for beachside planting and coastal areas. Thanks to its grand, statuesque appearance, and spectacular fronds, homeowners may want to install night lighting to highlight its attractive features.

At Moon Valley Nurseries, we grow and nurture small to large Mexican Fan Palms on our farms, so if you are looking to add an instant tropical, resort-style look to your landscape, buy as big as you can. Let us do all the work. We have an experienced planting crew ready to plant Mexican Fan Palm trees in your landscape, no matter what application you choose.

Be sure to use Moon Valley Nurseries Super Charged Moon Juice and All Natural Planting Mulch for spectacular results. You buy it, we plant it!

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