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Parry's Agave

Parry's Agave

Agave parryii

  • Unrivaled when it comes to sculptural beauty and character, Parry's Agave thrives in hot and dry climates. Cold hardy, it's a spectacular landscape gem!
Parry's Agave

Perry's Agave has a slower growth rate, displaying a pattern of leaves structured as layers of concentric circles. The leaves of Perry's Agave are spade-shaped with a tipped end, designed to capture and funnel as much water from rainfall as possible to its base. The smaller size of this Agave allows easy planting around corners, in smaller planters, and areas where other plants may threaten to over-grow. Native to the Southwestern US and Mexico, Perry's Agave is right at home in Phoenix and will thrive in your landscape with little care. It's an Agave, so it's natural water retention capabilities leave little need for irrigation and constant monitoring, occasional watering will ensure Perry's Agave looks and stays its best.

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