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Pindo Palm

Pindo Palm

Butia capitata

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  • Very durable palm. Cold hardy and loves full sun!
  • Unique, stout medium sized palm
  • Rare, silver to bluish grey color
  • Develops interesting trunk pattern as palm ages
Pindo Palm
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Pindo Palm

Butia capitate

The Pindo Palm is an easy to care for, small to medium palm tree that is perfectly suited for use as a focal point, planted poolside, or kept in a container. Easily recognized by its striking silver-green, graceful, arching fronds, the Pindo Palm will fit in perfectly with Modern, Mediterranean, and Tropical landscape styles. It is a cold-hardy, drought tolerant palm that thrives in full to partial sun environments, making it an excellent palm tree for Southwestern landscapes.

This Pindo Palm has a slow growth rate and will only require low to moderate watering needs once established. Due to its slow growth rate, we recommend buying larger palms grown and nurtured at our Moon Valley Nurseries farms. We grow these beautiful Pindo Palms in our local climate, in conditions that ensure thriving palms and we have these beauties available in a variety of sizes.

Dramatic foliage colors are sure to please, no matter where you plant this Pindo palm tree. In the summer, it blooms beautiful yellow to reddish flowers that add to its year-round interest. These yellow to reddish flower clusters will produce the sweet and edible Pindo fruit, which is often used to make jelly. These lovely palms complement a wide variety of plants, feel free to plant this palm in landscapes with Bird of Paradise, Canna, and Hibiscus, for a colorful garden that is sure to attract pollinators and enhance the look of your landscape.

Highlight the beautiful features of this Pindo Palm with landscape lighting to display the dramatic foliage! Feel free to speak with our nursery pros for placement ideas. We offer free professional landscape design consultations at our nursery, and for a small fee, offer professional offsite design consults too!

For spectacular results and explosive growth, be sure to plant with Moon Valley Nurseries Super Charged Moon Juice™ and All Natural Planting Mulch. Better yet, let our experienced landscape crew do all the work. "You buy it, we plant it!"™

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  1. Love my pindo palms
    I bought 2 pindo palms from Moon Valley Nurseries, and they are amazing in my backyard!! They are also very easy to maintain, I will for sure be going back for more.

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  2. I Love this palm. It’s Unique Color
    Silver/gray fonds. Don’t see them around a lot. Not your typical palm tree. VERY EASY TO MAINTAIN. Slow growing. Very clean. Have never gotten any flowers on it-have never seen any plant like this with flowers. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

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