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How to Properly Plant Trees & Shrubs

So you want to plant your own trees and shrubs on your property? Well, there is a lot of work that goes into doing this correctly and if you don’t want to do the labor involved or don’t have the right tools, you can always let the professionals at Moon Valley Nurseries do it for you. But for those of you who are up to the task here are some tips and tricks to guide you to success. Plant like the pros or let the pros do the planting!

What Tools Will I Need?

The most common tools you are going to need to properly plant your new trees or shrubs are pretty basic. These are some “must haves” and some really handy suggestions • Pick Axe • Spade Shovel • Rake • Breaker Bar • Glove • Eye Protection • Sharp Knife • Closed Toed Boots •Garden Hose •Dolly These are what we suggest you have handy when you take on the task of planting your trees, shrubs and palms.

Where Do I Start?

First things first, always be sure to check for lines, you are responsible for knowing where your homes utilities are ran, then start digging where you want the center of your tree or plant to be. Be sure to dig about 10-20% larger than the rootball but no deeper than the soil in the pot. Set all the soil aside for use when backfilling. Be sure that you have broken up any hard soil so the area drains well. Slowly work the tree out of the bucket (Pro Tip: this is where a sharp knife comes in handy, you can cut the bucket right off). Before placing the tree in, use Soil & Water Conditioner to help break up soil and create good drainage. Next, place the tree in the center of the hole and use the soil you removed to start to backfill. Pack the soil in well to prevent air pockets, once this is done you can use the remaining soil to build up a well to retain water.

What are the next steps?

Your new tree is planted, but you are not finished yet. Now that you have your well created around the tree it is time to add in Premium Planting Mulch. This will reduce how quickly the soil drys out helping maintain good moisture for your new tree while it is getting established. This is now where you will also decide if you need to have your tree double staked with support stakes. If you do need to stake your tree see our “How to Guide for Double Staking” Once you’ve applied a 2-3” layer of mulch you can then begin to water in your new tree. While doing so be sure to use Super Charged Moon Juice, this will help prevent transplant shock and help your new trees establish quicker. Congratulations! You’ve planted a tree, now sit back and watch it grow!

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