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Planting Checklist

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Planting Services

Our free design consultation services help to ensure you get the ideal landscape using plants and trees that are suited for your specific environment. We factor in everything from HOA standards to community-specific weather trends to make sure your new plants will thrive beautifully and have a successful planting day!

Flag Your Yard

Once you are satisfied with your design and have approved a delivery date, there is only one more thing to do before we take over and handle the rest! Before you leave, we’ll furnish you with marker flags for each tree and plant that will be installed. You can mark the designed areas in your yard, following the custom landscape design we create for you.

Delivery and Planting

The process begins as our planting crew digs out the areas that are marked with a flag. Once the holes are dug to the right size and depth, they add Moon Valley fertilizers and supplements to the soil for a quicker and more efficient transplant. The trees and plants are moved into their new location, where Super Charged Moon Juice and mulch are applied around the plant, and then appropriately watered. The last step is to clean the job site and let you enjoy your new yard!

Why Moon Valley Nurseries is the Best

Our professional planting includes all digging, planting, mulching, Moon Juice, and everything we plant is guaranteed to grow! All our planting services are completed by Moon Valley Nurseries employees. They are trained to plant, water, and fertilize every tree and shrub the Moon Valley way. We do not outsource any of our services to guarantee that our customers are getting a VIP experience customized for their goals.

Planting Checklist

You Buy it, We Plant it - Guaranteed!

Our free design and consultation service helps ensure you get the ideal landscape using plants and trees that are suited for your specific environment. We factor in everything from HOA standards to community-specific weather trends to make sure your new trees and plants will thrive beautifully.

What you Need to Know the Day of your Delivery
Checked MVN will be calling you before your delivery to confirm the material and give you your estimated time of arrival (or approximate time window) for delivery; i.e. “between 1-3pm”
Checked Please make sure the delivery team has plenty of space to park and offload; move vehicles from the driveway, parking spot, etc.
Checked Please make sure that there is a clear path from where we will be offloading to the planting location(s).
Checked Please lock up all pets.
Checked Remember to unlock any side gates and/or notify the community guard gate of MVN delivery (if necessary). Do we need a code or gate access?
Checked MVN is not responsible for moving, relocating, or damage(s) to; irrigation pipes, electrical, gas, sewer, drainage, or low voltage landscape lighting,
Checked MVN doesn’t have the capability to remove any dirt from the job site. We have flatbed trucks and don’t typically have room on our trucks to haul a wheelbarrow.
Checked If MVN is doing a “Delivery Only” we will be placing your material curbside or in the driveway.
Checked All reschedules MUST be made within 48 hours prior to delivery.
Checked Any add-ons to an order MUST be made 48 hours prior to delivery.
Preparing the Location
Checked Please make sure ALL stumps are removed from the planting area(s). MVN DOES NOT remove trees, stumps, roots, boulders, etc.
Checked Please make sure MVN provided (white location) flags are in the ground.
Avoid Delivery Failure
Checked “Measure twice, Delivery once.” Please measure all gates and doorways; ensure the plant material will fit through doors, side yards, A/C units, stairwells, planters, overhangs, pools, etc.
Checked Please remember, when we are planting trees or shrubs into pots, you (the customer) must provide the soil.
What to Expect after your Trees / Plants have been Installed
Checked Proper watering and moon juice applications are vital for newly planted material. Please follow the MVN “watering instructions” for optimal results.
Checked The mulch well/berm under your trees acts as a watering mechanism. Fill the well/berm u to allow the root ball to be soaked and deeply watered.
Checked The mulch well/berm will slowly disappear over time. The mulch will naturally work into the soil and act as a soil conditioner.
Checked Tree Stakes (if applicable) can usually be taken out after the tree has established itself. We like to say after 1 year it’s safe to remove stakes. If you are in an area with high winds then more time may be necessary. Please call us with any questions.
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