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Squid Agave

Squid Agave

Agave bracteosa

  • Easy to grow and establish
  • Water Wise - Ultra drought tolerant
  • Full sun
Squid Agave

Squid Agave

Agave bracteosa

The Squid Agave sometimes known as the spider agave is a native from Mexico that is well adapted to our tough western soils and watering habits. Long green leaves reaching up to 24 inches long. These plants form a larger trunk when mature and can reach 2-3' tall. These succulents are well suited for gardens both tropical and desert and also are considered to be a fire-wise landscape choice.

These plants look similar to their cousins the Octopus Agave the way their leaves curl and they produce a similar white yellow bloom that covers the upper third of the plant. Stop into your nearest Moon Valley Nurseries and take a look at our vast succulent inventory and allow one of our experts to help you select the best plants for your landscape.

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