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Cardon Grande Cactus

Cardon Grande Cactus

Trichocereus terscheckii

  • Closely resembling the mighty Saguaro, it grows multiple arms out of the primary stem, blooming large white flowers out of the top of the structure during summer months.
Cardon Grande Cactus

The Cardon Grande Cactus is a fast growing cactus that propagates multiple arms out of each stem similar to the ever-popular Saguaro, but easier to find and acquire. The Cardon Grande's stems grow long and upright with multiple, evenly spaced ridges, with clusters of white thorns protruding from each ridge. The Cardon Grande blooms white flowers from the top of each stem, resulting in a beautiful summer display of color. The Cardon Grande can grow to be quite large, so make sure there is ample room in your landscape before planting. Plant the Cardon Grande in corners or open areas of the landscape where it will have plenty of sun exposure, because this cactus absolutely loves the sunlight.

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