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Murphy's Agave

Murphy's Agave

Agave murphyii

Murphy's Agave is a slow growing Agave with blue-green to yellow leaves that form an upright rosette. Native to Arizona and Mexico, this Agave loves the sun.

Murphy's Agave

Murphy's Agave is slow to moderate growing Agave with long and stiff dagger-shaped leaves that occasionally bend and turn. The vibrant green color and unique structure of Murphy's Agave can add lots of character to any Arizona landscape. The slower and more uniform growth makes it a comfortable choice for many landscapers, as this predictability lends itself to make for very clean and classy looking rows or clusters. Native to Arizona and Mexico, Murphy's Agave will be right at home in full sun exposure in your yard. Murphy's Agave requires very little irrigation, and light watering is usually the preferred method to keep it thriving.

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