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    Whirling Butterflies

    Guara lindheimeri 'Siskiyou'

    Fluffy waves of deep pink flowers flutter above the red-tinged foliage of the Guara lindheimeri 'Siskiyou',

    Silver Cloud Sage

    Leucophyllum candidum 'Silver Cloud'

    Silver Cloud Sage is a striking plant whose dark purple blooms contrast strongly against silver foliage.

    Red Mexican Bird of Paradise

    Caesalpinnia pulcherrima

    The Red Mexican Bird of Paradise is a medium to large growing shrub with bright orange/red flowers that show...

    Purple Fountain Grass

    Pennisetum setaceum 'rubrum'

    Very attractive grassy ornamental that adds color and to any landscape style.

    Firebird Beard Tongue

    Penstemon 'Firebird'

    Small shrubby perennial accents with tall spikes adorned with bright tubular flowers

    Beard Tongue 'Hidcote Pink'

    Penstemon 'Hidcote Pink'

    Small shrubby perennial accents with tall spikes adorned with bright tubular flowers



    Small flowering shrub that has tall spikes of blooms with bright tubular flowers. These come in different...

    Green Fountain Grass

    Pennisetum setaceum

    Green Fountain grass is a showy, clumping grass often used as an accent around rock gardens or border areas.

    Deer Grass

    Muhlenberghia rigens

    Deer Grass has many uses in the landscape. Accents throughout a desert landscape, soften rock features,...

    Creosote Bush

    Larrea tridentata

    The Creosote Bush is native to the Sonora Desert and abundant across the Valley.

    Chihuahuan Sage

    Leucophyllum laevegatum

    Chihuahuan Sage is a fragrant flowering sage that blooms naturally with increased humidity in mid to late...

    Mexican Bird of Paradise

    Caesalpinia mexicana

    Correctly called Mexican Bird of Paradise, they can easily be shaped as a full dense shrub or screen, or...

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