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    Hens and Chicks

    Echeveria Imbricata

    Hens and Chicks are minuscule succulents that draws huge attention to itself because the foliage grows in a...

    Queen Victoria Agave

    Agave victoriana

    The Queen Victoria Agave form a well rounded symmetrical cluster of uniform leaves that look fantastic in any...

    Yucca Rostrata

    Yucca rostrata

    With its slender, blue-gray leaves and showy creamy white flowers in the summer, the striking looks of Yucca...

    Hercules Aloe

    Aloe barberae

    Hercules Aloe grow to be quite large - up to 15 feet - and due to the leaves' red/bronze tint, a great way to...

    Blue Elf Aloe

    Aloe 'Blue Elf'

    Blue Elf Aloe is a favorite for adding a splash of bright color to landscapes when not much else is blooming....

    Red Hot Poker Aloe

    Aloe aculeata

    Easily identifiable by it's subdued green to turquoise leaves and how each rosette arches upward like a bowl....

    Lady's Slipper

    Pedilanthus macrocarpus

    Ladys Slipper provide a great way to add color to any drought tolerant landscape! Use them as a living...

    White Striped Agave

    Agave americana mediopicta 'Alba'

    Extremely hardy and easy to grow in any landscape, this is one pretty agave! Dramatic leaves with creamy...

    Coral Aloe

    Aloe striata

    Coral Aloe is a large leafed beautiful succulent that shoots brilliant blooms in the early spring-fall.

    Variegated Century Plant

    Agave americana varigata

    Variegated Century Plants share the same growing traits with other Century Plants, but boast a yellow to...

    Variegated Smooth Agave

    Agave desmettiana -v- marginata

    Variegated Smooth Agave have long dark green leaves contrasted by yellow edges that will curl upwards, giving...

    Smooth Agave

    Agave desmettiana

    A smooth and spineless agave that's great for use around desert and oasis ramadas and patios. It's a perfect...

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