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PP26247 / Lime Sizzler™ Firebush

PP26247 / Lime Sizzler™ Firebush

Hamelia patens 'Grelmsiz' PP26247

  • Heat loving perennial
  • Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies
PP26247 / Lime Sizzler™ Firebush

Lime Sizzler Firebush

Hamelia patens ‘Grelmsiz’ PP26247

  • A heat-loving tropical shrub
  • An excellent plant for borders
  • Beautiful green and yellow foliage and vibrant red-orange flowers
  • An exotic, semi-woody perennial
  • Looks great in patio containers
  • Ideal for creating a showy hedgerow
  • Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies

Lime Sizzler is a large shrub, originally native to Mexico, that has green and yellow foliage with red-orange flowers that bloom through the summer and into late fall. It typically covers a four-to-five-foot round zone that is perfect for use in any landscape that is looking for a splash of color. The Lime Sizzler Firebush has an exotic look that complements a wide variety of landscape designs. We like to plant this heat-loving shrub in Mediterranean, Rustic, and Tropical garden styles. The flowers bloom from spring to summer, adding some much-needed color to any environment.

The Hamelia Patens thrives in most soils that offer good drainage and is drought-tolerant, which makes it great for any yard in the heat of the southwest. Full sun or partial shade is best for the growth and health of this shrub. Always be sure to water deeply, which is an excellent way to develop its root system during its first growing season. We recommend applying fertilizer in early spring and then repeating during mid-season. If you are looking for a shrub that is easy to care for, and one that is sure to enliven your yard, you will love this Lime Sizzler Firebush.

This plant only requires occasional pruning to keep it blooming and looking great all year-round and looks fantastic next to anything!

The Lime Sizzler Firebush is prized for its long bloom season of showy flowers. It is the perfect companion to plants such as Canna Lily, Lantana, Plumbago, and Zamia. Feel free to speak with our nursery pros. Our landscape design specialists will be glad to help you with your landscape!

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